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Private classes
Keith is available for private classes in the privacy of your own home.
All classes are tailored to your individual requirements and include notes/books where necessary.
Whether you are one person or a group, Keith will take your bridge to a new level of enjoyment.

Prices on enquiry, contact Keith

Just released!

Our new aBRIDGEd has been updated and is now available in yellow


The Kattery's New aBRIDGEd is an essential book for the improving player.

In an A5 format so that it fits into your bag and laminated to protect against those inadvertent coffee spills, it is clearly printed and easy to read.

Covering the 1NT opening with Stayman and Transfers, Responding to a 1 level opening, Opener's Rebids, Responder's rebids, Weak Twos, Game Force 2C, Pre-empts, Overcalls, Takeout Doubles, The 2NT Opening, Going to Slam, Negative Doubles, Giving Preference, Notrump Leads, Suit Leads, Defending Rules and best of all, How High Should I Bid?

This book ensures that you always make the correct call.

Click here to order

Cost: $30 plus postage

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